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“Sarah is the most amazing editor I've ever worked with. She is driven, passionate, and skilled beyond measure. I couldn't imagine anyone providing a higher quality, more efficient, or more personable service."
—Cap Daniels, best-selling author


When authors I work with receive great feedback on their published novels, I can’t help but feel excited and proud because I know how much time and heart goes into these stories. After months of banging away at the keyboard, often doing this after a full-time job and at the expense of family time, it becomes more than just a story to them—it becomes an emotional undertaking.

When I'm trusted to edit these books into the best versions possible, I truly feel honored. This is my dream job, after all, and my goal is to help authors produce interesting, effective, and entertaining books while making the process fun.


I know the ins and outs of self-publishing, and I help authors streamline that process. I've also (proudly) helped many writers become best-selling authors.

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Member of the Editorial Freelancers Association

Member of the American Copy Editors Society

Sarah Flores Book Editor

Sarah Flores

Owner and Editor

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