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Manuscript Line and Copy Editing 

Affordable Book Editor Book Editing

I offer professional line and copy editing services for fiction and nonfiction books. In addition to fixing errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation, I check for consistency and logic, ensure that all names and places are spelled correctly, adjust sentence and paragraph structure, make sure dates are accurate, and eliminate redundant words. I also make sure that each sentence is straightforward, and that your tone, vocabulary, and style are accurate. Each manuscript goes through two rounds of editing. The first round is a full manuscript line or copy edit. The second pass of editing is done after you've revised your manuscript based on my comments and suggestions from the first edit.

Manuscript Proofreading

Affordable Book Editor Book Editing

I check for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, verb-tense consistency, pronouns, spacing, and formatting. I make sure that your text, illustrations, captions, and graphs are consistent, and I will alert you to any legal issues I come across.

Children's Book Editing and Proofreading

Tree_Soldier_Book_Author Sarah M. Flores

Children's picture books are engaging, entertaining, and fun to read, but they must be age-appropriate and error free. They require as thorough a copy edit as any other novel. I will perform a line-by-line edit of your manuscript, and if necessary, I will provide valuable feedback that will help strengthen your story. 

General Editing

Affordable Book Editor Book Editing

I offer full editing services on the following: Manuscripts (Nonfiction and Fiction), Stories, Magazine and Newspaper Articles, Press Releases, Newsletters, Sales Letters, Brochures and Fliers, Business Plans, Website Content, Academic Essays, Resumes, Articles​

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