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Cap Daniels, best-selling author of the Chase Fulton Novels and the Avenging Angel Series

“Sarah is the most amazing editor I've ever worked with. Her attention to detail is remarkable. The personal attention she provides is absolutely unbeatable. She has the warmest and most wonderful personality imaginable. Her pace of work is unlike any other literary professional I've ever encountered. She is driven, passionate, and skilled beyond measure. She is the last editor I'll ever need. I couldn't imagine anyone providing a higher quality, more efficient, or more personable service. She is not only a remarkable teacher, but also an inspiration. She's demanding when necessary, but always courteous, compassionate, and enthusiastic. If you're in search of an editor, look no further. I don't believe they come any better than Sarah Flores.”


Logan Ryles, author of the Reed Montgomery Series and the Prosecution Force Thrillers

“I've written fiction for over a decade, attending writing conferences and workshops, reading stacks of books on writing, enduring intense critique groups and spending hundreds of hours improving my craft. Nothing has made as great an impact on my skill set and success as Sarah. She works tirelessly not only to improve the quality of my work, but to educate me on how to write better in the future. She's more than an editor, she's a coach, with extensive levels of expertise, supreme patience, and a true passion for her work. She's also a lot of fun to work with, and maintains a spunky sense of humor. If you've ever edited a novel, you know how vital that is. Probably my favorite thing about Sarah though is that she shares my passion to get it right, no matter how long it takes. It's a true pleasure to work with somebody who takes so much pride in the quality of her work, and is so dedicated to her customer's success. Sarah Flores is as good as they come.”

Matthew Rief, author of the Florida Keys Adventure Series and the Jason Wake Series

"Sarah has the best qualities you could hope for in an editor and more. From the first few pages I reviewed, it was clear that she takes a tremendous amount of pride in her work. Focused and with an astute attention to detail, Sarah offered suggestions, but left enough space for me to make the final decisions. Smart, creative, and hyper-competent, Sarah breathed life into my manuscript. I’m looking forward to our next project, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to vastly improve their work, as well as sharpen their writing ability. Sarah is precisely the editor all writers need."


Kathy Love Cowen, author of The Walking Stick Series

"As an author of three novels, it has been a challenge to bring my work up to industry standards when it comes to editing. I’ve hired editors, had friends and relatives go over my work but errors still cropped up. Sarah is absolutely remarkable. She is fast and efficient. I finally have the secure feeling that my books could not be any better. Her suggestions have helped me become a better writer. She always makes suggestions kindly and lets you make the final decision. Her experience and work is second to none. She will forever be my go-to editor. Sarah has also pointed me in the right direction for other parts needed for publishing, such as interior design, cover creation and audio book narration. I highly recommend Sarah."

Greg Clark DC, author of the Kati MacKenzie Mystery Thrillers

"Sarah has just completed the editing of my second book and I feel like it was as much an advanced course in writing as it was a superb job of editing. What struck me the most was when I realized that she had re-written a section of my text and matched my own writing style so well I had to actually check my original to be sure. I look forward to working with her again on three more books I have in line."

Brooke Cowan, author of the Red Dirt Novels

"Sarah was such a joy to work with. Her edits were detailed and exactly what I needed to hear. Her turnaround time was amazingly fast and her feedback was spot-on in every way. She was willing to answer all of my questions and critique my blurb and bio, which was a bonus in my opinion. I highly recommend her and will be using her for the rest of my books in the future."

Jolyn Janis, author of Poems for Breakfast

"Sarah should be considered more like an inspirational editing coach.

I spoke with her when I was considering a handful of projects to work on while working on a fantasy series in the background. She was open to looking at all of my ideas and offering her opinion and guidance based on years of invaluable experience which saved me hours of extra research.

Working with her inspired me to begin my poem book series "Poems For Breakfast", as an enthusiast for the idea and as an editor. Throughout the entire process, I felt very taken care of on both professional and personal levels, which was key for me as I ventured into creating and publishing my very first books."

JoAnn Hogenson, author

"Sarah gave me an absolutely spot-on edit for my novel. I’m in an author critique group and had the manuscript vetted through the group prior to submitting to Sarah, and she still found numerous issues that weren’t caught by others. She was extremely thorough, and I learned a great deal from her comments. She also gave me an overall opinion of my work, which was invaluable. It can be difficult to hear criticism, but Sarah’s style didn’t make me feel bad about my writing; I felt like she was a helpful partner, wanting my work to succeed. And not only did she do everything she promised and more, but she did it well before the deadline. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone needing a professional edit to bring their work to perfection."


Michele Miles Gardner, author of Craving Normal

"Sarah deserves a standing ovation for her work. Truly impressive!

I don't know how she could do so much--researching, correcting, advising, readjusting--in so little time. Sarah also taught me things I never knew.

She worked my book manuscript into a more polished, consistent, and structured document. It's now so clean and clear, it sparkles."

Alexa Rossy, author of Showering with the Alligators

"As a first time author, I didn't know what to expect from an editor. Sarah Flores helped me understand the process and made it easy and fun. She made sure my narrative was correct, clear, and compelling.  She has an eagle eye, is quick, and extremely professional. I wrote the book, but she made it shine!"

P. Nichols, author

"I worked so long and hard on my first nonfiction book (11 months and 3 weeks, to be exact), and Sarah’s edit turned it into the book that I envisioned. I appreciate her hard work, constant contact, and understanding of all of the concerns I had. She pushed me to really open up and add more story to my story. I KNOW I wasn’t the easiest person to work with, so I’m thankful that she stuck with me and coached me through the revisions. It meant a lot. To anyone in need of a book editor: I highly recommend Sarah. Not only was I lucky enough to find a great editor, but I also feel like I made a friend."

Ta'She'Ana Banks, author of Cracked Foundation

“Wow, what an amazing first time editing experience! Sarah, thank you for your professionalism, sharp eye and writing expertise. You encouraged me to peel back the top layer of my story, and unveil the depth of the core. Your editing style showed me multiple new writing approaches, of which will be utilized as a guide for my future projects. Thanks for everything! You’re awesome!”

Jed Doherty (Jedlie), author and host of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast

“I love working with Sarah and Write Down the Line. Fantastic communication throughout the entire editing process. The price was very reasonable. And most importantly the editing was top notch. Sarah is absolutely my go to editor from here on out. My highest recommendation.”

Dwayne Redmond, author of A Revelation and Die...Black Boy

"I was shopping around for an editor for my manuscript, but I wasn't trying to spend a fortune. I was comparing prices from one editor to the next. I saw Sarah's prices and they seemed very reasonable. She looked like a nice person. I took a chance and called her. Not only was she a nice person, but she made me feel like my manuscript was important to her. She has very good communication skills. She's very personable and I truly feel that's what makes her special. She's very professional, and she informs you about the legal aspects of writing as well. I would recommend Sarah Flores to anyone who's trying to get any type of writing completed. I think my main problem was having several characters in one room all talking to one another, and Sarah showed me how to make that happen. I think she's a thoughtful, insightful, writer and editor, with a very promising career. Thank you, Sarah, for your time and patience.”

JRenee Heimerman, author of children's books

"BRAVO! Sarah made the editing process so easy! I thought I loved my story until I sent it to Sarah. With the changes she made, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the final product and think everyone else will too. I have already recommended Sarah's services to my publishing coach and the publishing service provider I am using to self-publish my children's book. I can't say enough about how thrilled I am! Thank you, Sarah!"

Angela Hairston

"Sarah Flores is one of the most talented, professional, and gifted editors I have ever met. She's professional, educated, and most of all compassionate, which speaks volumes in regards to her career. I have worked with many editors through the years and she's the best."

Natalie Meraki, author of children's books

“Sarah is SO helpful! She really went above and beyond to make sure that my children’s book was absolutely perfect. I feel so good about publishing my work after she worked her magic on it. I had no idea an editor was this important. Huge difference. I highly recommend her! Brava, Sarah!”

Richard Harris, education consultant

"Excellent editorial work that exceeded our expectations. The editor was professional and courteous. I would use their service again and highly recommend it."

Erin Morris-Stearns

“Sarah was absolutely wonderful to work with. I highly recommend her services to anyone, but especially those who are are brand new to writing and publishing and need help understanding the entire process. She is very responsive.” 

Stacia Cummins

"Sarah is so easy to work with! She is prompt, professional, and an expert in her field. Her suggestions for edits were spot on and she was always kind and positive in her delivery. I will certainly be using her services again!"

Nichole Lynn, author

“I learned a lot about writing through this service. It definitely has prepared me for any future writing that I do!”

Sue Wickstead, author of children's books

“It is always a bit of a scary process to let someone read your work. Will they like it as much as you? Will they understand your style? But having a second opinion and a critical impartial eye is important. I was very pleased with the feedback, and the help that I received with my children's book. The book, which currently in the editing process, needed a second opinion.The feedback changes were subtle and correct, it made the story flow a little more easily. The service was very quick and now I feel confident that my children's story is ready to proceed. Phew! Thank you, Sarah.”

Emma Walker, author

"I just want to thank you for your excellent job in editing my story and taking the time to guide me in the wording of the text. It has enhanced my story to another level. I will definitely be calling on you again. It is one thing to have the skill in editing a story, but it’s a rare person to have the patience and willingness to work with another in order to give them a sense of completion in their writing. Thank you."

Adam Smith, author

“Excellent service at an affordable price. Sarah is nice and does her work professionally and swiftly. Dream editor for every author, I think.”

Rachel Austin, author

“Sarah, you are an angel. Thank you so much! I will definitely be using your service in the future and recommend you to other people! You are amazing!”

Chris Mann, business owner

"Sarah is a professional who is blessed with high standards and graciously accepts all assignments for our magazine. She understands the goals of each project and returns her articles on deadline or before. I find Sarah a pleasure to work with and look forward to her continued success as a professional writer. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in using her writing skills." —Dianne Tantillo, business owner

"I hired Sarah for editing. I was absolutely impressed with her skills. Her work was extremely thorough, quickly done, and she caught inaccuracies that could have easily been missed. Her work was of great value, and I highly recommend her."

Ron G., business owner

"Sarah, Thank you for editing my website! I can obviously build a website, but I’m NOT a grammar wiz. I knew it needed some changes, but I didn't know where it needed it. If I can finally read it and understand the point I’m trying to get across, I know it makes more sense to my visitors too. (I’m hoping I get more of those now.) Thanks again!"

Diane Tantillo, business owner

"Sarah is a professional who is blessed with high standards and graciously accepts all assignments for our magazine. She understands the goals of each project and returns her articles on deadline or before. I find Sarah a pleasure to work with and look forward to her continued success as a professional writer. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in using her writing skills." 

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