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The 2018 Write Down the Line Wrap-Up

Happy holidays, everyone!


I don't know about you, but at the end of every year, I like to jot down all of the progress I made in both my professional and personal life. Did I reach out to family and friends as often as I could have? Did I hit my writing goals? Did I challenge myself and conquer any fears? Did I spend enough time studying the professionals I look up to? Did I tell enough doughnuts to shove it?

“What the mind can conceive and believe, and the heart desire, you can achieve."

—Norman Vincent Peal

An exciting part of my job as a book editor is helping authors hit their own goals, and this year, many of them did just that by publishing their first book, and in some cases, books.

Editing is my passion—my dream job—but working with and getting to know these imaginative and brilliant authors is truly what makes my job so much fun. I thank them for that.

So . . . you can never add too many books to your TBR (to-be-read) list, and I know of some great ones to add to your pile. The books listed below are ones I had the pleasure of working on, and I can most definitely vouch for them.

(Clicking on the book covers will take you directly to Amazon.)


Cap Daniels

You do not want to miss out on this incredible action adventure series by an incredible author. This year, Cap Daniels published three books in his Chase Fulton Series, with a fourth in the series planned for the end of this month. If you like a good spy novel with clever humor and just a touch of romance, I promise you'll be wrapped around this author’s finger—just like the rest of his fans.


The Unending Chase

(coming soon)


We all remember when Hurricane Michael devastated much of Florida in October of this year, right? Well, Cap Daniels wrote a novella called I Am Gypsy (beautifully and cleverly written from the perspective of a sailboat), with the sole purpose of dedicating 100% of the funds to helping those who were affected by the storm. How often do you get to read a book for a good cause?


Ta’She’Ana Banks

The talented author, Ta’She’Ana Banks, has written an inspirational story that reveals the resilience of a young girl who refuses to give up hope when her mother is diagnosed with an often-debilitating disease. As true to life as a fiction novel can be, this is another you won’t want to miss. I would bet this isn't the last you'll be reading from Ta'She'Ana Banks.


Dwayne Redmond

Author Dwayne Redmond knows no boundaries when it comes to writing. From his book of poetry, to his first novel, he likes to incorporate messages that help people. He worked for many years as a police officer and includes much of what he saw and experienced in his writing. Die…Black Boy is a young-adult fiction novel, set in the 1990s, about a little boy who is forced to make adult choices when his life gets unexpectedly turned around.


Paul L. Pearson

Paul L. Pearson wrote Into the Breach: The Life and Times of the 740th Tank Battalion in World War II, in 1995 when America was celebrating the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II. He published the book in 2007, and he immediately began making changes to improve the book. He unfortunately passed away in 2009 before he was able to republish it with his changes. Years later, his family took on the task of publishing the book in its new form, and this is the product. Into the Breach was a labor of love for Paul L. Pearson, and this is a revised, first-hand account of his experience serving his country in World War II.


Children's Books

I love working on children’s books, and I thank these authors for allowing me to help them with their wonderful stories.


Cindy Shirley

When a young girl named Gertie Gilbert decides to race go-carts, her older brother laughs and says, "You're a girl and girls can't race!" With the family divided and the girls on one side and the boys on the other, the race is on to prove that girls can do anything boys can do! This funny family adventure will have everyone cheering.


JRenee Heimerman

Rose is teased at school and feels bad about herself. When her Mom hears her crying, she decides to teach Rose how powerful words are when they follow the words I AM. Rose learns that she has the power to determine how she feels about herself, not the kids at school that bully her.


Megan Raugh

Top Hat. Red Hat. Cold Hat. Chef Hat. Meet Henry. He likes hats. His collection of hats makes him extraordinary, even if his friends disagree. Henry learns that it’s okay to be different and swim upstream from the crowd. In fact, standing out from the crowd is the best difference of all!


Natalie Meraki

A shiny bee feels out of place. One night, as she's reflecting by a lake, a sassy star descends from the sky. Together, they embark on a journey of self-discovery through the universe, and the star shows the bee why she is truly at home wherever, as whatever she is.

A young lady full of natural beauty, brains, and talent is feeling pretty good about scoring the lead role. The other children are thrilled to work with her, but the young star is very self-involved. Through a series of unfortunate events, she is stripped from what she believes are her most favorable attributes. She is certain that the town play is doomed to fail, but her director and castmates have come up with a solution.


Sarah L. Bailey

It is Abigail's first day of kindergarten, and she's excited to learn new things and make new friends. Join Abigail in this enjoyable and encouraging book as she discovers what kindergarten is all about.


Sue Wickstead

Daisy was a happy red bus who loved travelling the busy streets of London. When newer and shinier buses came along, the older buses like Daisy began to disappear. Would Daisy become one of the forgotten buses, or was something else planned for her?

It is Christmas time, and the school has been getting ready to perform their Nativity play. With lines learnt and songs to be sung, it is time for the dress rehearsal. The teacher knows there might be a few problems to sort out, but at least they will know what to improve on or change along the way.


And I wrote a couple myself . . .

Sarah M. Flores

Billy isn't happy with his house or his toys until an enchanted tree takes him on a journey that forever changes the way he views happiness.

What do silly animals wish for? Silly things, of course! Vacations? Oh, yes! Pickle jars? Why not?

From squirrels to bears to monkeys to elephants and more, fun wishes can come true for them all!


If you read any of these wonderful books and enjoy them, please leave a review on Amazon. Reviews mean so much to authors and their continued success in the world of publishing.


And one more thing . . .

Voyage Houston showcased Write Down the Line in their magazine, and I am extremely thankful for that recognition.


Meet Sarah Flores of Write Down the Line

- Voyage Houston Magazine -


Once again, I wish you all the happiest of holidays and the greatest of writing success in 2019.

Sarah Flores, Owner & Editor,

Write Down the Line, LLC


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