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  • Sarah Flores

Encouragement for NaNoWriMo (and Life)

NaNoWriMo is upon us. (And so is life.)

If you’re not familiar with this time of the year, it’s when thousands of writers around the world come together online and support each other in an endeavor to write a novel in 30 days. (National Novel Writing Month.) Writers promise themselves they will write 50,000 words, come rain or shine, come brain fog or clarity.

Because I'm often editing others’ books, I find little time to write my own, so starting tomorrow, my goal is to squeeze it in this month without excuses.

Procrastination and negative thoughts: Get out of the way!

If you’re participating in NaNoWriMo, and even if you’re not, I just want to throw this bit of encouragement out to you. I suppose it can be held in many aspects of life.

You’re going to hit a snag. It’s inevitable. You’re going to sit down to write your book, or start your business, or learn that new skill, and the chamber in your mind that’s usually full of creativity and passionate thoughts is going to let you down and come up empty. It might even tell you that what you’re doing is a waste of time—that you’re no good. And it’s okay when that happens. Simply realize that these will be strong, but short-lived thoughts unworthy of your attention. These feelings prey on your insecurities they already know so well.

Giving up is easy, but when you give up, you’re confirming those beliefs about yourself. Don’t let those doubts win and deter you from making progress.

The great thing about life is that you don’t have to go through these things alone, and that’s why #NaNoWriMo was created! There are people JUST LIKE YOU who are experiencing, or will experience, the same ups and downs of emotions. Find your support group. Find your support person. Don’t have one? Send me an email, and I’ll be your person. I’m not kidding.

In the meantime . . .

Be fearless. Think stupid thoughts. Do dumb work if that’s all you can manage. Laugh because you know it’s temporary, but push yourself until the beautiful creatures on your carousel begin moving up and down and around and around again—because they will.

Whether it’s writing your book, or something else you’re passionate about, you’re going to do great. If you’re drawn to it, it’s already in you. The greatness in you never leaves . . . sometimes it simply gets caught under a tidal wave of other thoughts until it can come up for air again. Just be patient with yourself, and hang on tight. Don’t let go.

Sarah Flores

Owner | Editor | Book Coach

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