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The 2019 Write Down the Line Wrap-Up



What a great year it’s been for many new and established authors. As an editor, I absolutely love having the privilege of helping authors turn their stories into books they're proud of.

2019 was another busy year for me as I took on more roles within the publishing industry, began an author interview series, and worked on two of my own novels and another children's book due out in 2020.

But this really isn't about me . . .

This is about every writer who put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, and turned heart into public prose by typing "The end." I congratulate each and every one of you, whether I was part of your journey or not.

Below are the 2019 releases I did have the true pleasure of editing. A scroll down will be well worth your time, and clicks on the book covers will take you directly to their Amazon pages.

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If you follow me on social media, this should be a familiar name. Best-selling author Cap Daniels published the first book in his Chase Fulton Novels series in the spring of 2018, and along with a novella and another beautiful work of literary fiction that he co-wrote with his talented wife, he has now published ten books, eight of which are in his thrilling action and adventure series.

Does he sleep? Does he eat? We may never know for sure, but we can say with certainty that he never stops writing.

*Books available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook*

Book 5 in the Chase Fulton Novels series

The Distant Chase Cap Daniels

Book 6 in the Chase Fulton Novels series

The Entangled Chase Cap Daniels

Book 7 in the Chase Fulton Novels series

The Devil's Chase Cap Daniels

Book 8 in the Chase Fulton Novels series

The Angel's Chase Cap Daniels

By Cap Daniels and Melissa Mason

*A percentage of the royalties go to the Gary Sinise Foundation to aid in the work the organization does to support our veterans and their families.*

We Were Brave Cap Daniels Melissa Mason


Some people were born to leave an impression on others, and I believe this author is one of them. She's hardworking, kindhearted, and a relentless promoter of others. Oh, and she's quite the writer, too. Even if you think you're not into Native American romantic adventure novels, I recommend you think again. Her books (as well as her spunky personality) will likely leave an impression on you, too.

*Books available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook*

Book 1 in the Walking Stick Book series

Raven_and_the_Wolf_Kathy Love Cowen

Book 2 in the Walking Stick Book series

Willow of the Wind Kathy Love Cowen

Book 3 in the Walking Stick Book series

Winter Moon Kathy Love Cowen


Logan Ryles is a talented new author who will soon be making big strides in the thriller action genre. "With a focus on delivering an edge-of-your-seat experience, Logan blends suspense and mystery, romance and intrigue, always searching for the perfect cocktail of page-turning adventure."

*Books available in paperback and e-book*

Book 1 in the Reed Montgomery Series

Overwatch Logan Ryles

Book 2 in the Reed Montgomery Series

Hunt to Kill Logan Ryles

Book 3 in the Reed Montgomery Series

Total War Logan Ryles


Steven Becker

Always looking for a new location or adventure to write about, Steven Becker can usually be found on or near the water. He splits his time between Tampa and the Florida Keys, paddling, sailing, diving, fishing or exploring.

Tides of Fortune, Book 4

Steven Becker Shifting Sands






Michele Miles Gardiner

Michele Miles Gardiner has had quite the life of experiences, from "living in a rock hut on a nude beach," to "staying in a religious commune," to "facing an angry man with a gun," and along with those experiences have come some fantastic stories. She's shared them here in her first memoir.

An Ordinary Life Veers Off Track . . . Way Off

Michele Miles Gardiner Craving Normal


Rachel Austin is a textile artist from The Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. Greatly inspired by nature and her beautiful surroundings, she loves the challenge of working out how to cut fabric pieces, which when sewn together and stuffed, form realistic-looking animals.

Needle Felting Apple Tree Farm Rachel Austin

Rachel Austin Needle Felting Winter


Lola and Dupe Ajayi

In this must-read middle grade book, Taiwo and Kehinde: The Wedding Trip, readers are taken through a colorful, cultural, emotional yet humorous, and family-oriented journey of twelve-year-old twin sisters who venture into the world of entrepreneurship to achieve their financial goal.

Taiwo and Kehinde Lola and Dupe Ajayi


Erin Morris

Ever wonder what a soldier actually does? Why does he dress that way? Could I be a soldier one day? Private First Class Sam Smith is a soldier in the U.S. Army. Come along with Sam as he tells all about what it’s like to live, work, and even relax like a soldier.

Who is Sam the Soldier? Erin Morris


J. Renee Heimerman

Tommy is furious with himself. He thinks he’s stupid because he didn’t play basketball well in gym class. His mom wants to show him that his worth is not tied to his athletic abilities, so she teaches him a new game. They go through each letter of the alphabet and find positive words that describe Tommy. She explains that words have a great deal of power, and what you say after the words “I AM” will influence your mood and affect how you behave.

Tommy's ABCs J. Renee Heimerman


If you enjoy any of these books, please leave a review on Amazon. Reviews mean so much to authors and their continued success in the world of publishing. 💗

I wish you all the happiest of holidays and the greatest of writing success in 2020.

Sarah Flores, Owner & Editor Write Down the Line, LLC

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Sarah Flores, Book Editor

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Unknown member
Dec 23, 2019

Thank you so much for your work on my book, "Craving Normal," and for posting about it here. You're great at what you do. I feel fortunate to have found you.

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